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Rarotonga, Main Road
Coral Sands Apartments, Main Road, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Coral Sands Apartments
Rarotonga, Ara Tapu, Vaimaanga
Moana Sands Beachfront Villas, Ara Tapu, Vaimaanga, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Moana Sands Beachfront Villas
Rarotonga, Muri Beach
Muri Beachcomber, Muri Beach, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Muri Beachcomber
Rarotonga, Rarotonga Ring-Road, Arorangi
Crown Beach Resort & Spa, Rarotonga Ring-Road, Arorangi, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Crown Beach Resort & Spa
Rarotonga, Titikaveka
Sea Change Villas, Titikaveka, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Sea Change Villas
Rarotonga, Ara Tapu, Arorangi
Sunset Resort, Ara Tapu, Arorangi, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Sunset Resort
Rarotonga, PO Box 121
The Edgewater Resort and Spa, PO Box 121, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga The Edgewater Resort and Spa
Aitutaki, Arutanga
The Reef Motel Aitutaki, Arutanga, rezervace hotelů Aitutaki The Reef Motel Aitutaki
Rarotonga, Main Road Arorangi
Magic Reef Bungalows, Main Road Arorangi, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Magic Reef Bungalows
Aitutaki, Main Road
Tamanu Beach, Main Road, rezervace hotelů Aitutaki Tamanu Beach
Rarotonga, Muri Beach
Manea Beach Villas, Muri Beach, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Manea Beach Villas
Rarotonga, Aroa Beach, Beach Road, Arorangi
Lagoon Breeze Villas, Aroa Beach, Beach Road, Arorangi, rezervace hotelů Rarotonga Lagoon Breeze Villas

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