Prefixul ţării +56

Phone Codes
Antofagasta 55
Arica 58
Calama 55
Chillán 42
Concepción 41
Copiac ó 52
Coquimbo 51
Coyhaique 67
Curicó 75
Iquique 57
La Serena 51
Linares 73
Los Andes 34
Los Angeles 43
Osorno 64
Ovalle 53
Puerto Montt 65
Punta Arenas 61
Quillota 33
Rancagua 72
San Antonio 35
San Felipe 34
San Fernando 72
Santiago (Metropolitan Region) 2
Talcahuano 41
Talca 71
Temuco 45
Valdivia 63
Valparaíso 32
Vina del Mar 32

Chile's telephone service has a multicarrier system, so the IDD prefix depends on which international (and national) carrier company is used (ask for rates before placing the call). The IDD prefix is 1YZ (for domestic calls) and 1YZ0 (for international calls), where 1YZ is known as the carrier code.

In July 2002, mobile phone numbers in Chile were converted from seven to eight digits, beginning with either 8 or 9.

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