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    Stratford-upon-Avon, 54 Ely Street
    The Queens Head, 54 Ely Street, hotels reservations Stratford-upon-Avon The Queens Head
    Wells, Worth
    Worth House, Worth, hotels reservations Wells Worth House
    Sheffield, Sheffield road
    Dusty Miller, Sheffield road, hotels reservations Sheffield Dusty Miller
    Dover, Singledge Lane
    Ramada Dover, Singledge Lane, hotels reservations Dover Ramada Dover
    Eastbourne, 1 Grand Parade
    The Mansion Lions Hotel, 1 Grand Parade, hotels reservations Eastbourne The Mansion Lions Hotel
    Bellshill, Strathclyde Country Park
    Alona Hotel, Strathclyde Country Park, hotels reservations Bellshill Alona Hotel
    Cranbrook, 1 Tudor Hall, Rye Road
    Tudor Rose Bed and Breakfast, 1 Tudor Hall, Rye Road, hotels reservations Cranbrook Tudor Rose Bed and Breakfast
    Edinburgh, 1 Bonnington Terrace
    Sheridan Guest House, 1 Bonnington Terrace, hotels reservations Edinburgh Sheridan Guest House
    Holsworthy, Bradworthy
    Lew Barn - B&B, Bradworthy, hotels reservations Holsworthy Lew Barn - B&B
    Torquay, 22 Rathmore Road
    Gainsboro Guest House, 22 Rathmore Road, hotels reservations Torquay Gainsboro Guest House
    Manchester, 74 Princess St
    Atrium by BridgeStreet Apartments, 74 Princess St, hotels reservations Manchester Atrium by BridgeStreet Apartments
    Ilfracombe, 4 Higher Slade Road
    Quarry Cottage B&B, 4 Higher Slade Road, hotels reservations Ilfracombe Quarry Cottage B&B