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    Winchester, East Stratton
    The Northbrook Arms, East Stratton, hotels reservations Winchester The Northbrook Arms
    Cambridge, 138 Perne Road
    Carolina Guest House, 138 Perne Road, hotels reservations Cambridge Carolina Guest House
    Southend-on-Sea, 10-12 Thorpe Esplande
    Roslin Beach Hotel, 10-12 Thorpe Esplande, hotels reservations Southend-on-Sea Roslin Beach Hotel
    Rhyl, 25-26 East Parade
    Fiorenzo Cazari Hotel, 25-26 East Parade, hotels reservations Rhyl Fiorenzo Cazari Hotel
    Truro, Chyreen Lane
    Chycara House, Chyreen Lane, hotels reservations Truro Chycara House
    London, 19-22 St. Edmunds Terrace
    Park Wood Point Apartments, 19-22 St. Edmunds Terrace, hotels reservations London Park Wood Point Apartments
    Denbigh, Llannefydd
    The Hawk & Buckle Inn, Llannefydd, hotels reservations Denbigh The Hawk & Buckle Inn
    Peterborough, East Of England Way, Orton Northgate
    Holiday Inn Express Peterborough, East Of England Way, Orton Northgate, hotels reservations Peterborough Holiday Inn Express Peterborough
    Newcastle-upon-Tyne, The Close
    Copthorne Hotel Newcastle, The Close, hotels reservations Newcastle-upon-Tyne Copthorne Hotel Newcastle
    Newquay, 13 Berry Road
    The Silver Jubilee - Guest house, 13 Berry Road, hotels reservations Newquay The Silver Jubilee - Guest house
    Halstead, 37 Hedingham Road
    The Dog Inn, 37 Hedingham Road, hotels reservations Halstead The Dog Inn
    Exmouth, Douglas Avenue
    The Devoncourt Resort, Douglas Avenue, hotels reservations Exmouth The Devoncourt Resort