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Bethlehem, Star Street
Grand Park Hotel Bethlehem, Star Street, hotels reservations Bethlehem Grand Park Hotel Bethlehem
Ramallah, 24 Jaffa Street
Royal Court Hotel, 24 Jaffa Street, hotels reservations Ramallah Royal Court Hotel
Ramallah, Rafat St Al-Masyoun Heights
Grand Park Hotel, Rafat St Al-Masyoun Heights, hotels reservations Ramallah Grand Park Hotel
Bethlehem, Jerusalem Hebron Road
Jacir Palace Hotel Bethlehem, Jerusalem Hebron Road, hotels reservations Bethlehem Jacir Palace Hotel Bethlehem
Bethlehem, 153 Beit Sahour Road
Ararat Hotel, 153 Beit Sahour Road, hotels reservations Bethlehem Ararat Hotel
Ramallah, Emil Habibi Street
Moevenpick Hotel Ramallah, Emil Habibi Street, hotels reservations Ramallah Moevenpick Hotel Ramallah
Ramallah, Al Bireh, Ras Al Tahouneh Street
Aladdin Hotel, Al Bireh, Ras Al Tahouneh Street, hotels reservations Ramallah Aladdin Hotel
Ramallah, Al-Bireh - Jerusalem St.
City Inn Palace Hotel, Al-Bireh - Jerusalem St., hotels reservations Ramallah City Inn Palace Hotel
Ramallah,  Al Ersal Street
Palestine Plaza Hotel,  Al Ersal Street, hotels reservations Ramallah Palestine Plaza Hotel
Bethlehem, Manger Street
Manger Square Hotel, Manger Street, hotels reservations Bethlehem Manger Square Hotel

Search hotels - Palestinian Authority
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