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    Arendal, Friergangen 1
    Thon Hotel Arendal, Friergangen 1, hotels reservations Arendal Thon Hotel Arendal
    Kongsberg, Hermann Fossgate 1
    Best Western Plus Gyldenlove Hotell, Hermann Fossgate 1, hotels reservations Kongsberg Best Western Plus Gyldenlove Hotell
    Tromso, Sjøgata 35 -37
    Clarion Collection Hotel With, Sjøgata 35 -37, hotels reservations Tromso Clarion Collection Hotel With
    Rena, Tollef Kildes Gate 30
    Trudvang Rena Hotell, Tollef Kildes Gate 30, hotels reservations Rena Trudvang Rena Hotell
    Ullensaker, Balder Allé 22
    Thon Hotel Gardermoen, Balder Allé 22, hotels reservations Ullensaker Thon Hotel Gardermoen
    Ullensaker, Hans Gaarders veg 27
    Comfort Hotel RunWay, Hans Gaarders veg 27, hotels reservations Ullensaker Comfort Hotel RunWay
    Oslo, Arbeidergata 4
    HTL Karl Johan, Arbeidergata 4, hotels reservations Oslo HTL Karl Johan
    Kristiansand, Vestre Standgate 7
    Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Kristiansand, Vestre Standgate 7, hotels reservations Kristiansand Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Kristiansand
    Oslo, Jernbanetorget 1
    Comfort Hotel Grand Central, Jernbanetorget 1, hotels reservations Oslo Comfort Hotel Grand Central
    Oslo, Sognsvannsveien 20
    Gaustad Hotel, Sognsvannsveien 20, hotels reservations Oslo Gaustad Hotel
    Steinkjer, Kongensgate 37
    Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer, Kongensgate 37, hotels reservations Steinkjer Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer
    Trondheim, Weidemannsvei 41
    Trondheim Vandrerhjem - Hostel, Weidemannsvei 41, hotels reservations Trondheim Trondheim Vandrerhjem - Hostel