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    Stavanger, Ny Olavskleiv 8
    Clarion Hotel Stavanger, Ny Olavskleiv 8, hotels reservations Stavanger Clarion Hotel Stavanger
    Fredrikstad, Nygaten 2-6
    Quality Hotel Fredrikstad, Nygaten 2-6, hotels reservations Fredrikstad Quality Hotel Fredrikstad
    Trondheim, Søndre g 26
    Best Western Chesterfield Hotel, Søndre g 26, hotels reservations Trondheim Best Western Chesterfield Hotel
    Oslo, Møllergata 26
    Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget, Møllergata 26, hotels reservations Oslo Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget
    Ringerike, Kongensgate 3
    Comfort Hotel Ringerike, Kongensgate 3, hotels reservations Ringerike Comfort Hotel Ringerike
    Skedsmo, Storgata 37-39
    Best Western Fagerborg Hotel A/s, Storgata 37-39, hotels reservations Skedsmo Best Western Fagerborg Hotel A/s
    Baerum, Martin Lingesvei 2
    Scandic Fornebu, Martin Lingesvei 2, hotels reservations Baerum Scandic Fornebu
    Stavanger, Nygaten 24
    Myhregaarden Hotel, Nygaten 24, hotels reservations Stavanger Myhregaarden Hotel
    Sandefjord, Jernbanealléen 33
    Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic, Jernbanealléen 33, hotels reservations Sandefjord Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic
    Hammerfest, Strandgt. 2-4
    Thon Hotel Hammerfest, Strandgt. 2-4, hotels reservations Hammerfest Thon Hotel Hammerfest
    Sel, Mysuseter - Rondane Nasjonalpark
    Rondane Spa Høyfjellshotell, Mysuseter - Rondane Nasjonalpark, hotels reservations Sel Rondane Spa Høyfjellshotell
    Bergen, Strandkaien 2-4
    Scandic Strand, Strandkaien 2-4, hotels reservations Bergen Scandic Strand