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    Hamilton, 42/47 Ward Street
    Quest On Ward, 42/47 Ward Street, hotels reservations Hamilton Quest On Ward
    Ramarama, 552 Runciman Road
    Runciman Berries and Emus B&B, 552 Runciman Road, hotels reservations Ramarama Runciman Berries and Emus B&B
    Nelson, 237 Annesbrook Drive
    Ambleside Luxury Bed & Breakfast, 237 Annesbrook Drive, hotels reservations Nelson Ambleside Luxury Bed & Breakfast
    Christchurch, 23 Peverel St
    123 Motel, 23 Peverel St, hotels reservations Christchurch 123 Motel
    Christchurch, 97 Papanui Road
    Merivale Court Motel, 97 Papanui Road, hotels reservations Christchurch Merivale Court Motel
    Christchurch, 288 Riccarton Road
    Apollo Motel Christchurch, 288 Riccarton Road, hotels reservations Christchurch Apollo Motel Christchurch
    Wellington, 10 Gilmer Terrace
    Gilmer Apartment Hotel, 10 Gilmer Terrace, hotels reservations Wellington Gilmer Apartment Hotel
    Dunedin, 2 Grant Street
    Dunedin Lodge, 2 Grant Street, hotels reservations Dunedin Dunedin Lodge
    Tairua, 213 Main Road
    Blue Water Motel, 213 Main Road, hotels reservations Tairua Blue Water Motel
    Auckland, 90 Federal Street
    Skycity Grand Hotel, 90 Federal Street, hotels reservations Auckland Skycity Grand Hotel
    Drury, 209 - 211 Great South Road
    Drury Motor Lodge, 209 - 211 Great South Road, hotels reservations Drury Drury Motor Lodge
    Wanaka, 71 Ardmore Street
    Wanaka Hotel, 71 Ardmore Street, hotels reservations Wanaka Wanaka Hotel