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    Pokhara, Khahare, Lakeside
    Gantavya Resort, Khahare, Lakeside, hotels reservations Pokhara Gantavya Resort
    Kathmandu, 68 Paknajol ,Thamel
    Mountain Peace Guest House, 68  Paknajol ,Thamel, hotels reservations Kathmandu Mountain Peace Guest House
    Pokhara, Fewamarga, Pokhara- 6
    Fairmount Hotel, Fewamarga, Pokhara- 6, hotels reservations Pokhara Fairmount Hotel
    Lalitpur, Jamsikhel Chowk
    AT HOME GUEST HOUSE, Jamsikhel Chowk, hotels reservations Lalitpur AT HOME GUEST HOUSE
    Pokhara, Lake Side Road
    The Lakeside Retreat, Lake Side Road, hotels reservations Pokhara The Lakeside Retreat
    Pokhara, Lake Side
    Fish Tail Lodge, Lake Side, hotels reservations Pokhara Fish Tail Lodge
    Kathmandu, Chhusya Galli, Jyatha Thamel
    Hotel Mums Home, Chhusya Galli, Jyatha Thamel, hotels reservations Kathmandu Hotel Mums Home
    Pokhara, Gaurighat, Lakeside
    Glacier Hotel and Spa, Gaurighat, Lakeside, hotels reservations Pokhara Glacier Hotel and Spa
    Pokhara, Shanti Patan, Lakeside
    Atithi Resort & Spa, Shanti Patan, Lakeside, hotels reservations Pokhara Atithi Resort & Spa
    Bhairahawa, Paklihawa Road
    Hotel Nirvana, Paklihawa Road, hotels reservations Bhairahawa Hotel Nirvana
    Pokhara, Peaceful Road, Lakeside
    Hotel Grand Holiday, Peaceful Road, Lakeside, hotels reservations Pokhara Hotel Grand Holiday
    Kathmandu, Chaksibari Marg, Thamel
    Thamel Grand Hotel, Chaksibari Marg, Thamel, hotels reservations Kathmandu Thamel Grand Hotel