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    St Julians, Ross Street
    Onyx Apartments, Ross Street, hotels reservations St Julians Onyx Apartments
    Valletta, Triq Sant Orsla
    Valletta Merisi Suites, Triq Sant Orsla, hotels reservations Valletta Valletta Merisi Suites
    Mellieha, Marfa L/o Mellieha
    Ramla Bay Resort, Marfa L/o Mellieha, hotels reservations Mellieha Ramla Bay Resort
    St Julians, Dobbie Street, Paceville
    Hotel Valentina, Dobbie Street, Paceville, hotels reservations St Julians Hotel Valentina
    St Julians, Schreiber Street
    Alexandra Hotel, Schreiber Street, hotels reservations St Julians Alexandra Hotel
    Sliema, Gorg Borg Oliver Street
    Palazzo Capua, Gorg Borg Oliver Street, hotels reservations Sliema Palazzo Capua
    St Pauls Bay, Church Square
    Gillieru Harbour Hotel, Church Square, hotels reservations St Pauls Bay Gillieru Harbour Hotel
    St Pauls Bay, Ballut Road
    Wardija Hilltop Village, Ballut Road, hotels reservations St Pauls Bay Wardija Hilltop Village
    Valletta, 6, Eagle Street
    Valletta Luxury Palazzo, 6, Eagle Street, hotels reservations Valletta Valletta Luxury Palazzo
    St Julians, Triq Il Wilga 15A
    Paceville Apartments, Triq Il Wilga 15A, hotels reservations St Julians Paceville Apartments
    Valletta, 82 A St Ursula Street
    Ursulino Valletta, 82 A St Ursula Street, hotels reservations Valletta Ursulino Valletta
    Sliema, 76, Cathedral Street,
    Day's Inn Hotel & Residence, 76, Cathedral Street,, hotels reservations Sliema Day's Inn Hotel & Residence