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    Blantyre, 2 Hannover Avenue
    Protea Hotel Ryalls, 2 Hannover Avenue, hotels reservations Blantyre Protea Hotel Ryalls
    Blantyre, 33 Chilomoni Ring Road
    Villa 33, 33 Chilomoni Ring Road, hotels reservations Blantyre Villa 33
    Lilongwe, Chilango Drive 285
    Annie's Lodge Lilongwe Area 10, Chilango Drive 285, hotels reservations Lilongwe Annie's Lodge Lilongwe Area 10
    Lilongwe, 43/60 Mphonongo Road
    Latitude 13, 43/60 Mphonongo Road, hotels reservations Lilongwe Latitude 13
    Salima, 11 Senga Bay Road
    Sunbird Livingstonia Beach Hotel, 11 Senga Bay Road, hotels reservations Salima Sunbird Livingstonia Beach Hotel
    Blantyre, Robins Road
    Malawi Sun Hotel & Conference Centre, Robins Road, hotels reservations Blantyre Malawi Sun Hotel & Conference Centre
    Lilongwe, Area 32 Paul Kagame Road
    Riverside Hotel and Conference Centre, Area 32 Paul Kagame Road, hotels reservations Lilongwe Riverside Hotel and Conference Centre
    Blantyre, Off Chilomoni Ring Road
    Serendib Suites & Conference Center, Off Chilomoni Ring Road, hotels reservations Blantyre Serendib Suites & Conference Center
    Lilongwe, 44 Kamuzu Procession Road
    Sunbird Lilongwe, 44 Kamuzu Procession Road, hotels reservations Lilongwe Sunbird Lilongwe
    Lilongwe, Off Ufulu Road, Area 43
    Burley House - Guest House, Off Ufulu Road, Area 43, hotels reservations Lilongwe Burley House - Guest House
    Salima, Maleri Islands
    Blue Zebra Island Lodge, Maleri Islands, hotels reservations Salima Blue Zebra Island Lodge
    Chigumula, Chimwenya Estate
    Game Haven Lodge, Chimwenya Estate, hotels reservations Chigumula Game Haven Lodge