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Bokong, Katse Village
Katse Lodge, Katse Village, hotels reservations Bokong Katse Lodge
Buthe-Buthe, Phahameng
Kabelo Bed & Breakfast, Phahameng, hotels reservations Buthe-Buthe Kabelo Bed & Breakfast
Hlotse, Lisemeng 2, Opp. old Catholic mission
Bird Haven B & B Leribe, Lisemeng 2, Opp. old Catholic mission, hotels reservations Hlotse Bird Haven B & B Leribe
Teyateyaneng, Molemane Rd
Kapitseng Guest House, Molemane Rd, hotels reservations Teyateyaneng Kapitseng Guest House
Mokhotlong, Along Government Garage Road
Boikhethelo Guest House, Along Government Garage Road, hotels reservations Mokhotlong Boikhethelo Guest House
Maseru, Mejametalana Street
Scenery Guesthouse Stadium, Mejametalana Street, hotels reservations Maseru Scenery Guesthouse Stadium
Maseru, Hilton Hill Road
AVANI Lesotho Hotel & Casino, Hilton Hill Road, hotels reservations Maseru AVANI Lesotho Hotel & Casino
Maseru, 12 Orpen Road
AVANI Maseru Hotel, 12 Orpen Road, hotels reservations Maseru AVANI Maseru Hotel
Ntsi, Nazareth
MOLENGOANE LODGE, Nazareth, hotels reservations Ntsi MOLENGOANE LODGE
Maseru, Maseru East
Scenery Guesthouse Maqalika, Maseru East, hotels reservations Maseru Scenery Guesthouse Maqalika
Thaba Tseka, Main St.
Mohale Oa Masite Hotel, Main St., hotels reservations Thaba Tseka Mohale Oa Masite Hotel
Maputsoe, Sir Seretse Khama
Hae Bed and Breakfast, Sir Seretse Khama, hotels reservations Maputsoe Hae Bed and Breakfast

Search hotels - Lesotho
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