Trinidad e Tobago
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    Black Rock, 25 Circular Street
    Len & Leona Holiday Hideout, 25 Circular Street, prenotazione alberghi Black Rock Len & Leona Holiday Hideout
    Speyside, Lucy Vale
    Grand View Guesthouse, Lucy Vale, prenotazione alberghi Speyside Grand View Guesthouse
    Chaguanas, 61 Kenny Cyrus Road Enterprise
    RudeKaiso Mini-Earth Rooms, 61 Kenny Cyrus Road Enterprise, prenotazione alberghi Chaguanas RudeKaiso Mini-Earth Rooms
    Port of Spain, 2-4 Coblentz Ave
    The Carlton Savannah, 2-4 Coblentz Ave, prenotazione alberghi Port of Spain The Carlton Savannah
    Piarco, 118-119 BWIA Boulevard
    Regent Star Hotel, 118-119 BWIA Boulevard, prenotazione alberghi Piarco Regent Star Hotel
    Diego Martin, 14 Jordan Drive
    Shammah's Bed & Breakfast, 14 Jordan Drive, prenotazione alberghi Diego Martin Shammah's Bed & Breakfast
    Port of Spain, Wrightson Road
    Radisson Hotel Trinidad, Wrightson Road, prenotazione alberghi Port of Spain Radisson Hotel Trinidad
    Port of Spain, Lady Young Road, Belmont
    Hilton Trinidad & Conference, Lady Young Road, Belmont, prenotazione alberghi Port of Spain Hilton Trinidad & Conference
    Port of Spain, 106 Saddle Road
    Chaconia Hotel, 106 Saddle Road, prenotazione alberghi Port of Spain Chaconia Hotel
    Salybia Village, 13 3/4 Mile Post, Toco Main Road
    Oceans Salybia Nature Resort, 13 3/4 Mile Post, Toco Main Road, prenotazione alberghi Salybia Village Oceans Salybia Nature Resort
    Port of Spain, 44 Coblentz Avenue
    Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel, 44 Coblentz Avenue, prenotazione alberghi Port of Spain Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel
    Les Coteaux, Franklyn Road
    Greenhaven Cottage Bed and Breakfast, Franklyn Road, prenotazione alberghi Les Coteaux Greenhaven Cottage Bed and Breakfast