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    Nanning, No 118, University East Road
    Nanning Landmark Hotel, No 118, University East Road, prenotazione alberghi Nanning Nanning Landmark Hotel
    Shanghai, No 168 Gaoyang Road
    Sunrise on the Bund, No 168 Gaoyang Road, prenotazione alberghi Shanghai Sunrise on the Bund
    Shanghai, No. 1149 Siping Road
    Jitai Hotel - Tongji University, No. 1149 Siping Road, prenotazione alberghi Shanghai Jitai Hotel - Tongji University
    Chengdu, No.15, 2nd Section East Dongfeng Road
    Jinjiang Inn Chendu Dongfeng Bridge, No.15, 2nd Section East Dongfeng Road, prenotazione alberghi Chengdu Jinjiang Inn Chendu Dongfeng Bridge
    Tongzhou, No 53 YunJingBeili
    Shanshui Trends Hotel Li Yuan, No 53 YunJingBeili, prenotazione alberghi Tongzhou Shanshui Trends Hotel Li Yuan
    Shanghai, No.15 Dapu Road
    Pullman Shanghai Skyway, No.15 Dapu Road, prenotazione alberghi Shanghai Pullman Shanghai Skyway
    Shanghai, No 935 Huaihai Road
    Mason Hotel Shanghai, No 935 Huaihai Road, prenotazione alberghi Shanghai Mason Hotel Shanghai
    Hangzhou, No. 17 Huansha Road
    Hangzhou Sunny Huansha Hotel, No. 17 Huansha Road, prenotazione alberghi Hangzhou Hangzhou Sunny Huansha Hotel
    Dalian, No.67 West Liaohe Road
    Dalian East Hotel, No.67 West Liaohe Road, prenotazione alberghi Dalian Dalian East Hotel
    Xian, No. 98 Bei Ma Dao Xiang
    Warriors Youth Hostel, No. 98 Bei Ma Dao Xiang, prenotazione alberghi Xian Warriors Youth Hostel
    Shenzhen, Huaqiang Road North, 4002
    The Pavilion Hotel, Huaqiang Road North, 4002, prenotazione alberghi Shenzhen The Pavilion Hotel
    Shenzhen, Intersection of 107 National High Way
    Yifeng Hotel, Intersection of 107 National High Way, prenotazione alberghi Shenzhen Yifeng Hotel