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Toronto, 3306 Kingston Rd
Comfort Inn East, 3306 Kingston Rd, prenotazione alberghi Toronto Comfort Inn East
Golden, 1297 Campbell Rd
Kapristo Lodge, 1297 Campbell Rd, prenotazione alberghi Golden Kapristo Lodge
Winnipeg, 695 Berry St
Days Inn and Suites Winnipeg Airport, Manitoba, 695 Berry St, prenotazione alberghi Winnipeg Days Inn and Suites Winnipeg Airport, Manitoba
Mississauga, 1886 Dundas St E
Monte Carlo Inns Toronto West Suites, 1886 Dundas St E, prenotazione alberghi Mississauga Monte Carlo Inns Toronto West Suites
Golden, 1049 Trans Canada Highway North
Prestige Inn Golden, 1049 Trans Canada Highway North, prenotazione alberghi Golden Prestige Inn Golden
Rigaud, 93 Montee Lavigne
orcaSound Hotel, 93 Montee Lavigne, prenotazione alberghi Rigaud orcaSound Hotel
Agassiz, 7984 McDonald Rd
Fraser River Outpost Lodge, 7984 McDonald Rd, prenotazione alberghi Agassiz Fraser River Outpost Lodge
Canmore, 1101 Bow Valley Trail
The Georgetown Inn, 1101 Bow Valley Trail, prenotazione alberghi Canmore The Georgetown Inn
Bromont, 95, rue de Montmorency
Auberge Chateau-Bromont, 95, rue de Montmorency, prenotazione alberghi Bromont Auberge Chateau-Bromont
Montreal, 1659 Sherbrooke Street West
Chateau Versailles, 1659 Sherbrooke Street West, prenotazione alberghi Montreal Chateau Versailles
Terrace, 4620 Lakelse Ave
Days Inn Terrace, 4620 Lakelse Ave, prenotazione alberghi Terrace Days Inn Terrace
Mont-Tremblant, 6385 Montée Ryan
Etoile du Matin - Tremblant Sunstar, 6385 Montée Ryan, prenotazione alberghi Mont-Tremblant Etoile du Matin - Tremblant Sunstar

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