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    Netanya, Oved Ben Ami 2
    Carmel Hotel Holiday Apartments, Oved Ben Ami 2, hotels reservations Netanya Carmel Hotel Holiday Apartments
    Kinneret, Givaat Hakalaniyot 3
    Camila Resort, Givaat Hakalaniyot 3, hotels reservations Kinneret Camila Resort
    Jerusalem, Meir Shaham 2
    GOLD Residence, Meir Shaham 2, hotels reservations Jerusalem GOLD Residence
    Tiberias, 13, Ohel Yaacov St
    Astoria Galilee Hotel, 13, Ohel Yaacov St, hotels reservations Tiberias Astoria Galilee Hotel
    Tel Aviv, Avraham Even Shoshan 1
    Margosa Hotel, Avraham Even Shoshan 1, hotels reservations Tel Aviv Margosa Hotel
    Jerusalem, 4 Salah Ed-Din Street
    Jerusalem Metropole Hotel, 4 Salah Ed-Din Street, hotels reservations Jerusalem Jerusalem Metropole Hotel
    Tel Aviv, Charles Clore Park
    Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, Charles Clore Park, hotels reservations Tel Aviv Dan Panorama Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv, 205 HaYarkon Street
    Hilton Tel Aviv, 205 HaYarkon Street, hotels reservations Tel Aviv Hilton Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv, Kalisher st. 25
    Brown TLV Urban Hotel, Kalisher st. 25, hotels reservations Tel Aviv Brown TLV Urban Hotel
    Tel Aviv, 38 Yefet Street, Jaffa
    Andromeda Hill Holiday Suites, 38 Yefet Street, Jaffa, hotels reservations Tel Aviv Andromeda Hill Holiday Suites
    Jerusalem, 32 Lehi St
    Dan Jerusalem, 32 Lehi St, hotels reservations Jerusalem Dan Jerusalem
    Tel Aviv, 5 Mendeli St
    Mendeli Street Hotel, 5 Mendeli St, hotels reservations Tel Aviv Mendeli Street Hotel