Hong Kong
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Kowloon, 20/F,Far East Consortium Mongkok Bldg,
Kam Fu Guest House, 20/F,Far East Consortium Mongkok Bldg,, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Kam Fu Guest House
Kowloon, Flat A9, 3F Mirador Mansion
Lily Garden Guest House, Flat A9, 3F Mirador Mansion, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Lily Garden Guest House
Kowloon, 75 Waterloo Road
Metropark Hotel Kowloon, 75 Waterloo Road, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Metropark Hotel Kowloon
Kowloon, 423 Reclamation Street
H1 Hotel, 423 Reclamation Street, rezervacija hotela Kowloon H1 Hotel
Kowloon, Flat E1, 13/F, Mirador Mansion
New Garden Hostel, Flat E1, 13/F, Mirador Mansion, rezervacija hotela Kowloon New Garden Hostel
Kowloon, Flat A,8/F,Far East Consortium
Friendship Hotel, Flat A,8/F,Far East Consortium, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Friendship Hotel
Hong Kong, No.11 Morrison Hill Road
Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus, No.11 Morrison Hill Road, rezervacija hotela Hong Kong Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus
Tsuen Wan, 353 Castle Peak Road
Royal View Hotel, 353 Castle Peak Road, rezervacija hotela Tsuen Wan Royal View Hotel
Kowloon, 13 Harbour City Canton Road
Gateway, Marco Polo Hotel, 13 Harbour City Canton Road, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Gateway, Marco Polo Hotel
Kowloon, Flat F1, 14/F, Mirador Mansion
Venetian Hostel, Flat F1, 14/F, Mirador Mansion, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Venetian Hostel
Hong Kong, 60-64 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan
60 West Suites Hotel, 60-64 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, rezervacija hotela Hong Kong 60 West Suites Hotel
Kowloon, Flat C4,Flr 15,Blk C,Chung King Mansion
Las Vegas Guest House, Flat C4,Flr 15,Blk C,Chung King Mansion, rezervacija hotela Kowloon Las Vegas Guest House

Pretraživanje hotela - Hong Kong
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