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Ayia Napa, 1st October
Anesis Hotel, 1st October, hotels reservations Ayia Napa Anesis Hotel

Pegeia, 20 Coral Bay Street
Ascos Coral Beach Hotel, 20 Coral Bay Street, hotels reservations Pegeia Ascos Coral Beach Hotel

Limassol, 30 Ampelakion Street
Valana Hotel Apartments, 30 Ampelakion Street, hotels reservations Limassol Valana Hotel Apartments

Pissouri, Ambelonon 50
Hylatio Tourist Village, Ambelonon 50, hotels reservations Pissouri Hylatio Tourist Village

Ayia Napa, Tefkrou Anthia 65
Napa Prince Hotel Apartments, Tefkrou Anthia 65, hotels reservations Ayia Napa Napa Prince Hotel Apartments

Limassol, Amathountos Avenue
Elias Beach Hotel, Amathountos Avenue, hotels reservations Limassol Elias Beach Hotel

Ayia Napa, 30 Demokratias Str.
A. Maos Hotel Apartments, 30 Demokratias Str., hotels reservations Ayia Napa A. Maos Hotel Apartments

Paphos, 2 Agios Filon Street
Paphiessa Hotel, 2 Agios Filon Street, hotels reservations Paphos Paphiessa Hotel

Paphos, Akamas Avenue, 62108
Azia Resort and Spa, Akamas Avenue, 62108, hotels reservations Paphos Azia Resort and Spa

Platres, 62 Spyrou Kyprianou Street
Forest Park Hotel, 62 Spyrou Kyprianou Street, hotels reservations Platres Forest Park Hotel

Paphos, 2 Tefkrou Street
Andries Apartments, 2 Tefkrou Street, hotels reservations Paphos Andries Apartments

Ayia Napa, Kryou Nerou 21
River Rock Hotel, Kryou Nerou 21, hotels reservations Ayia Napa River Rock Hotel

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