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    Drayton Valley, 5802 Power Center Blvd.
    Service Plus Encore, 5802 Power Center Blvd., hotels reservations Drayton Valley Service Plus Encore
    Corner Brook, 41 Maple Valley Rd
    Comfort Inn, 41 Maple Valley Rd, hotels reservations Corner Brook Comfort Inn
    Vernon, 4006 - 32nd St
    Canadas Best Value Inn & Suites, 4006 - 32nd St, hotels reservations Vernon Canadas Best Value Inn & Suites
    Radium Hot Springs, 4872 McKay Street
    Motel Bavaria, 4872 McKay Street, hotels reservations Radium Hot Springs Motel Bavaria
    Halifax, 1990 Barrington St
    Delta Halifax, 1990 Barrington St, hotels reservations Halifax Delta Halifax
    Valemount, 1450 5th Avenue
    Chalet Continental, 1450 5th Avenue, hotels reservations Valemount Chalet Continental
    Nisku, 1102 - 4th Street
    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Edmonton International Airport, 1102 - 4th Street, hotels reservations Nisku Holiday Inn Express & Suites Edmonton International Airport
    Sudbury, 225 Falconbridge Rd
    Ambassador Hotel, 225 Falconbridge Rd, hotels reservations Sudbury Ambassador Hotel
    Becancour, 17575 Becancour Blvd
    Auberge Godefroy, 17575 Becancour Blvd, hotels reservations Becancour Auberge Godefroy
    Vancouver, 645 Howe St.
    Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver, 645 Howe St., hotels reservations Vancouver Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver
    Kitchener, 99 Conestoga College Boulevard
    Residence & Conference Centre - Kitchener Waterloo, 99 Conestoga College Boulevard, hotels reservations Kitchener Residence & Conference Centre - Kitchener Waterloo
    Pembroke, 8 International Dr
    Holiday Inn Express Pembroke, 8 International Dr, hotels reservations Pembroke Holiday Inn Express Pembroke