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    Douala, Rue Pierre Loti Bp 12086
    ibis Douala, Rue Pierre Loti Bp 12086, hotels reservations Douala ibis Douala
    Yaounde, Avenue Marechal Foch
    Hôtel La Falaise, Avenue Marechal Foch, hotels reservations Yaounde Hôtel La Falaise
    Yaounde, Rue Onembele Nkou, Nlongkak
    Hotel Franco, Rue Onembele Nkou, Nlongkak, hotels reservations Yaounde Hotel Franco
    Douala, Rue Drouot Face Lycée d'Akwa
    Hôtel Bano Palace, Rue Drouot Face Lycée d'Akwa, hotels reservations Douala Hôtel Bano Palace
    Douala, Bonanjo Rue IVY
    Hôtel Lumière Joss, Bonanjo Rue IVY, hotels reservations Douala Hôtel Lumière Joss
    Kribi, Commune Kribi 1er
    Hotel Tara Plage, Commune Kribi 1er, hotels reservations Kribi Hotel Tara Plage
    Yaounde, BP 6 Yaounde
    Central Hotel, BP 6 Yaounde, hotels reservations Yaounde Central Hotel
    Douala, Youpwe
    L'Aquarius Marina 2000, Youpwe, hotels reservations Douala L'Aquarius Marina 2000
    Yaounde, Av El Ahmadou Ahidjo
    Merina Hotel, Av El Ahmadou Ahidjo, hotels reservations Yaounde Merina Hotel
    Douala, 920 Boulevard De La Liberte
    Hotel Akwa Palace, 920 Boulevard De La Liberte, hotels reservations Douala Hotel Akwa Palace
    Kribi, Route Kribi-Yaounde
    Oceanic Beach Hotel, Route Kribi-Yaounde, hotels reservations Kribi Oceanic Beach Hotel
    Douala, Bonapriso
    Futuris Hotel, Bonapriso, hotels reservations Douala Futuris Hotel