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    Siem Reap, National Road No 6, Phum Sala Kanseng
    Angkor Hotel, National Road No 6, Phum Sala Kanseng, hotels reservations Siem Reap Angkor Hotel
    Siem Reap, Group 7 Teaksen Tboung Village
    Rimong Boutique, Group 7 Teaksen Tboung Village, hotels reservations Siem Reap Rimong Boutique
    Siem Reap, St 7 Makara
    Royal Crown Hotel & Spa, St 7 Makara, hotels reservations Siem Reap Royal Crown Hotel & Spa
    Phnom Penh, 155,Corner streets 222 and 51
    Circa 51, 155,Corner streets 222 and 51, hotels reservations Phnom Penh Circa 51
    Sihanoukville, 1 Kakda Street
    JohnSon Beach Hotel, 1 Kakda Street, hotels reservations Sihanoukville JohnSon Beach Hotel
    Phnom Penh, House 168A street.105, Toul Kork
    Star King Hotel & Apartment, House 168A street.105, Toul Kork, hotels reservations Phnom Penh Star King Hotel & Apartment
    Phnom Penh, # A27-A28 , La Seine
    Shaly Boutique Hotel, # A27-A28 , La Seine, hotels reservations Phnom Penh Shaly Boutique Hotel
    Siem Reap, Road 60m
    Angkor Village Suites, Road 60m, hotels reservations Siem Reap Angkor Village Suites
    Siem Reap, No 235 Phum Slorkram
    Mysteres d’Angkor Siem Reap Lodge, No 235 Phum Slorkram, hotels reservations Siem Reap Mysteres d’Angkor Siem Reap Lodge
    Phnom Penh, #319, Sisowat Quay (Riverside)
    Jaya Inn, #319, Sisowat Quay (Riverside), hotels reservations Phnom Penh Jaya Inn
    Sihanoukville, No. 230 Ekareah St., Sankat 2
    Royal Princess Hotel, No. 230 Ekareah St., Sankat 2, hotels reservations Sihanoukville Royal Princess Hotel
    Sihanoukville, Otres beach 1
    Sea Breeze Resort, Otres beach 1, hotels reservations Sihanoukville Sea Breeze Resort