Ecuador Calling Codes

Country Code +593

Province Area Code Old Subscriber Number New Subscriber Number
Pichincha (Includes Quito ... Machachi ... Santo Domingo ... Cayambe and Sangolqui) Converted 2 Sept. 20012 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Guayas (Includes Guayaquil ... Salinas ... Playas ... Posorja and Naranjal) Converted 2 Sept. 2001 4 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Tungurahua ... Cotopaxi ... Pastaza ... Bolivar and Chimborazo 3 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Manabi ... Galápagos and Los Rios 5 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Carchi ... Imbabura ... Esmeraldas ... Sucumbios ... Napo and Orellana 6 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
Loja ... Canar ... Azuay ... Zamora ... El Oro and Morona Santiago 7 XXX XXX 2XX XXXX
On 28 September 2003 Ecuador implemented a new numbering plan which converted all numbers in the country to eight digits (a one-digit geographic area code and seven-digit subscriber number) The plan had been implemented on 2 September 2001 for the the provinces of Guayas and Pichincha The table can help convert older numbers into the new dialing format Mobile phone numbers have been converted to seven digits beginning with the digit "9"

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